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Hey, I'm Cyber Kiki! An illustrator, toy enthusiast and family-friendly content creator from Australia.I'm most known for my videos on Roblox, Adopt Me, Royale High and art!

Illustration of Youtuber and TikToker, CyberKiki holding a capricorn pet from the Roblox game Adopt Me!

About Kiki

Hey! I'm Kiki, better known as my online persona CyberKiki. I'm a Youtuber and TikToker based in Melbourne, Australia. 🐨My family-friendly videos focus on art, gaming and Roblox. Especially Royale High and Adopt Me!I'm a huge fashion doll and toy enthusiast IRL and can't wait to bring this passion into my content very soon!Behind the pixels, I'm a freelance illustrator with a history in professional branding. Working for traditional businesses was dull and grey, so I started working my 🍑 off to make life as vibrant as possible!While playing Roblox with my little cousin, I had a lightbulb moment. My thought pattern suddenly changed from "how would I ever do this?" to "hey... I can totally do this!"And so, on the 1st of December, 2022, CyberKiki spawned in and has been leveling up ever since! ✨


Cyber Kiki's pet cat Moxie aka Momo aka Monkey relaxing on Kiki's purple mousepad while editing a video.

Picture coming soon. For now, enjoy my fluffy daughter Momo!


Download some FREE colouring pages...
from Kiki to you!
- Printable white background JPEG
- Transparent PNG for digital artists
Activity sheets, wallpapers and more coming soon...

Colouring Pages

Available with a white background for printing or transparent for digital art.Clicking on the image will open a Google Drive folder.


Reach out to Cyber Kiki!


Illustration of Youtuber and TikToker, CyberKiki in chibi form standing on top of a kawaii, Y2K flip phone with her cat, Momo.

Game Assets

Here are 6 FREE face/makeup assets you can use in your Roblox experience. Made by yours truly, of course.These are the first face decals I ever made so I've decided to open them up for use!


By using these assets, you agree to these terms:1. Credit must be given to CyberKiki
2. DO NOT edit/alter in any way
3. DO NOT reupload
4. DO NOT use for UGC items
5. DO NOT sell or directly profit
Permission to use can be revoked at any time.
Terms of use are subject to change.
Last updated 10 August, 2023.

CyberKiki's first custom Roblox faces/makeup are free to use for Roblox games. Available in pink, gold, lime, blue, purple and brown.

Example image taken in Royalty Kingdom 2.


If you're interested in commissioning custom faces for your game or for UGC items, let's have a chat!If you're looking for another kind of arrangement, I am open to listening. Reach out!

Halo Answers

Solarix Halo Tidalglow 2023

Here's a guide to Royale High's Dream Fountain for Summer 2023! By wishing in the fountain, you have a small chance in getting the Solarix Halo!

STORY + CREATORAnswer AAnswer BAnswer CAnswer D
Diamond Beach Carnival
by Khaoticos
Fenix the Messenger
by iostgirlz and yurisfile
Following the Voice
by exve1yn
Help Dominic
by E_melxa
Ice Cream Flavour
by iilnspxreii
Jet Ski
by stellarlucas and ClxwnMiaax
Lost Necklace
by Hotdog_Chowder and Sunny_Expl0si0n
Pageant Stylist
by zelina_odison
Scuba Diving
by blurry_Bunny and sserot0nin
Sea Monster
by Valaeria and tmzserena
Seashell Contest
by avocadoelise
Summer Job
by Sir_Vampz
Surfboard Contest
by LittleWolfGX
Underwater Castle
by 0bvlouslyana
Volleyball Team
by BuyROOKIEOnItunes


Commissions are very selective since I don't have a lot of spare time.I will give you an update on the sketch, lines and flat checkpoints.

Terms of Service

Once paid, there are no refunds.
post your commission
credit required